We are a national not-for-profit organization and global social enterprise headquartered in Canada, with a 10-year history and proven track record in economic education, financial literacy programs, research, events and experiential learning. We have staged over 1000 events that have gathered youth, business leaders, policy makers, change agents, educators, industry associations, charities, and not-for-profits. While we engage with all communities, we maintain a specialized focus on vulnerable populations including BIPOC, LGBTQ+, Women and Artists. 

We are creative and intentional, humble, and radical, loving and disruptive, challengers and collaborators and so much more. We unsubscribed from the hustle culture that was slowly eroding our souls and created a revolutionary movement dedicated to elevating humanity through the mindfulness lens. Our unique and collective talents sprout from thee depth of our consciousness and are poured into our purpose everyday. Our dynamic culture is buzzing with disruptive ideas that translates to measurable and impactful projects, targeting individuals and systems alike. 

Just as the Conscious Economics pillars guide us, so do our core values. Each of them is anchored in our identity and influences how we show up in our lives and at work. We truly love what we do here and embrace freedom and joy in our work and personal lives.

Conscious Economics holds a radical commitment to disrupt systemic racism in all of its complex forms.

Racism still exists. We are committed to unlearning our individual biases and cultivating a safe space where everyone is empowered to thrive. We feel honoured to co-create this movement alongside a diverse community. There is no ‘future of work’ unless it’s a future that works for everyone. 

We are bold. We push boundaries, question social norms, and ask deep and challenging questions. We always challenge ourselves and each other to get out of our comfort zones to drive much needed change. We must learn not only to accept change, but also to embrace it, and perhaps even more importantly, to encourage and drive it intentionally and meaningfully.

We cannot thrive in isolation, and neither can the movement. At CE, we not only foster a sense of community in our workplace, we also see ourselves as humble vehicles of our mission to serve the greater community. We are always mindful in selecting aligned community co-creators to elevate our impact and magnify our voices.

At Conscious Economics we foster an environment that not only challenges us to grow, it also fosters learning. We understand that personal development and empowerment precedes any collective change, and we take it upon ourselves to be the change, like Gandhi said. Innovation is inevitable when this kind of growth is fostered; this is another key element of our culture as we push the envelope and radically promote disruptive thinking, with love.

“What does your gut tell you?” This isn’t an uncommon question at CE because in the new economy, there is room for tuning-in and trusting our guts to guide us through. We make space for mindfulness, and we incorporate our intuition into business decisions from who we meet with, to what projects to take on. We remind ourselves of the importance of rest and rejuvenation for our soul so we can align with our higher-selves. Close your eyes so you can see – right?

The world can be a hard and challenging place. At CE, we choose to see the glass half full, always looking for the silver lining in each and every set-back. Obstacles are opportunities for healing and transformation. We embrace fun, laughter and joy and infuse it in the way we live and work.